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    Concrete Secrets Instuctional DVDsThe depth of your concrete sidewalk, should be a minimum of 4 inches. Buy your lumber in lengths that best suit your project, with minimal waste.Slope your concrete sidewalk away from the foundation,(1/4 in. per foot suggested.)
    Incorporate fall, with a level then set string line to grade.
    Nail form to the string line using 2x12 stakes 4 feet apart.
    Concrete will crack where there is least resistance, maintain a 4 in. grade throughout the sidewalk. If not dig out high areas and fill low areas with dirt, sand or gravel, then compact grade.

    Before pouring concrete sidewalk, install expansion against existing concrete.(driveways, patios, entries, etc.)
    This will allow your concrete sidewalk to expand, do to high temperature in the summer months.

    Sense concrete is ordered by the yard, you need to transfer square feet into yards.
    Example; Length x Width equals total square feet.
    One square yard of concrete will spread 81 square feet at a 4 in. depth.
    One square yard of concrete will spread 54 square feet at a 6 in. depth.
    Example; 3 foot concrete sidewalk 40 feet long = 120 square feet.
    120 square feet divided by 81 = 1.48 yards of concrete at a 4 in. depth.
    Order in ½ yard increments,
    In this example, order 1 ½ yards.
    Always order more concrete than you need, you don't want to run short.
    Do not pour more than 4 yards of sidewalk at one time. You will likely get behind as you finish the sidewalk.

    A 2500 lb. mix or greater, is recommended for a concrete sidewalk. Call Ready-mix plant and order residential concrete mix for early morning delivery, with a 6 in. slump maximum.
    (All orders are COD)

    Pouring concrete sidewalks video clip below.


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